Implementing treatment protocols, also called treatment bundles will help you speed up and standardize patient care in your practice.

How to set up protocols?

Click on the top right corner, then go to Administration - Services and click on the (+) Add Service button

  • Name the service/protocol

  • Select the corresponding category

  • Indicate the price that you want to charge for it

You can add products or consumables according to your protocol. These products will come within the protocol each time you add it to a record.

Click on the product search field and start searching for the products you want.

Note that the search field is looking in your Directory, not in your stock.

You can also link your services with lab services from IDEXX, ZOETIS, and ANTECH by searching for the service in the Laboratory Service field, and selecting it.

Learn more on how to do that by reading our articles from Integrations 🔬

To finish, click the Save button.

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