Adding products from suppliers

Learn how to add products from a supplier.

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In order to keep your stock up to date, you will need to add those products into Digitail when you receive them.

How to add new products to your inventory?

  1. Fill in the mandatory information about the product

Reception details:

  • NIR (New Inventory Reception): Number generated automatically

  • Date: The date of the reception

  • Supplier and Agent: Select from the drop-down menu

  • Reception Committee (Optional): Person(s) receiving and adding the products in stock

Invoice details:

  • Document type: Document type when receiving products

  • Invoice date: Document date

  • Document due date (Optional): Document due date

  • Invoices Series (Optional) and number: Document series and unique number

  • Invoice total value (Optional): Total value of received products

  • Currency: This is automatically prefilled

Product details

Start searching for the product that you want to add by typing the name of it. If it's one already from your database it will populate from the drop-down menu for selection and all saved information will be prefilled.

You can also scan the barcode no. of the product.

  • Batch number and Expiration date: This information is required if you generate certificates directly from Digitail. Otherwise, this is optional, but you'll be able to manage your products more efficiently and also set alerts to be notified in time before they expire

  • Quantity: How many products you are adding. Keep in mind that this is always referring to the UNIT and not the subUNIT

  • COGS: How much you are paying for the product. Keep in mind that this is always referring to the UNIT and not the subUNIT

  • Discount: Supplier discount

If it's not a retail product, and you only use the product internally within services, check the "Consumables" box. This will tag the product as a consumable and block the markup.

  • Margin: % markup

  • Sales Prices: Retail price including markup and tax. Keep in mind that this is always referring to the UNIT and not the subUNIT

  • Dispensing Fee: How much you are charging each time you are dispensing this product

Example 1: If you have a product that is a VIAL of 10 mL, the Unit is the "VIAL", the size is "10" and the Subunit is "mL".

Example 2: If you have a pack of 50 vaccines. And you buy a pack but you use only one dose at a time, the unit is the Pack, the subUnit is dose and the formula 50.

After filling in all fields click the Add Product button.

Repeat the process for all remaining products. If you scroll up, you will see a brief list of all the products that you added.

If you want to edit or delete a product from the list, press the actions button on the right.

To save, scroll down and click on the Save button.


Q: A supplier is missing from the drop down menu; how can I add it?
A: You can go to your Directory and add suppliers prior to adding your reception note.

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