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Become truly paperless with electronic signatures.

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You can easily request client's signatures on various documents. They can sign digitally on your devices (compatible with desktops, tablets & phones), or receive a link via email, SMS, or in the app.

First, make sure that you have created the documents and consent forms that require signatures. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to do this.

🔥 Important: only the documents that include the Client signature shortcode will be able to be signed electronically. You can add this shortcode anywhere on the document or in multiple places - the actual signature will be displayed once it's completed.

Next, go to the Documents tab from any pet's profile to generate the forms you need. You can then request the client's signature. There are a few different methods to obtain a signature:

  • Directly on your device - simply click on Sign now and allow them to read the document and sign it from your device;

  • Send the request via email - a unique signature link will be sent to their email address;

  • Send the request via SMS [coming soon] - a unique signature link will be sent to their phone;

  • Send the request via app [coming soon] - a unique signature link will be sent in the app;

Signature flow

Once the client accesses the link, they can review the document. When they are ready to sign, they simply click on the Sign button from the top right.

Then, they will be prompted with a canvas where they can add their signature.

After clicking Save, the document will be updated with their signature.

They can edit their signature if something doesn't look right or confirm it directly.

After the confirmation, the Status of the form will be updated and display the date when the signature request has been sent or the date when it was signed.

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