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Track the Appointment source
Track the Appointment source

Understand what channels & campaigns are performing better.

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Don’t throw money out of the window — understand what campaigns are performing better by tracking appointment channels and understanding their value.

Create a campaign URL

Go to, paste your online booking link, and fill in the information related to the campaign source, medium, and name.

Copy the generated link and use it on your desired channel (Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter, Yelp, Google, etc).

When a client books an online appointment from any of your available channels, all the information about the campaign will be saved on that appointment request and will be visible in your custom reports.

Some things to pay attention to:

☝️ Ensure you generate a link for each channel, type of marketing medium, and campaign. Using the same link across multiple channels will give you the wrong results.

☝️ Changes are implemented retroactively, so you will see mixed data if you change the tracking format mid-campaign.

☝️ Tracking links are case sensitive; keep track of the links you already created to ensure the reporting doesn’t end up fragmented.

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