Patient search

Find patients by name, ID, microchip, and rabies tag number.

📌 To search by ID, you need to add the # symbol in front of the number, such as #24.

Client search

Start typing the client's first or last name, phone number, or email.

Contact person search

Select 'Contact persons' from the dropdown menu and start typing the name, phone number, or email.

Search results

After you start typing, the system will display the results based on the searched keywords. The information displayed at a glance includes patient name & clinic(s) IDs, microchip, rabies tag, and health card number, species & breed, gender & reproductive status, as well as client name, phone number, and email.

📌 You can also search archived patients by selecting the 'Show archived' checkbox.

📌 You can also search by pet and client details simultaneously for more specific results. Just use the symbol ' / ' between the parameters, such as Daisy/Smith or any other combination of parameters (rabies tag/phone number, patient ID/email).

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