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Maximize safety & efficiency with Cubex
Maximize safety & efficiency with Cubex

Be compliant with Cubex smart inventory cabinets!

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With easy-to-use smart cabinets and software, Cubex helps you get the work out of the way up front, so you can focus on patient care instead of worrying about logs or reconciling charges. Get started in a few minutes!

Steps to configure the integration

1. Activate your Cubex integration from Digitail

Go to Administration - Integrations and click on the Connect button under the Cubex logo. Enter the username, login, and password from your Cubex account.

2. Set up your inventory list

The Cubex team will help with the initial mapping of inventory items.

How does it work?

1. Marking patients as active

When you mark a patient as 'checked-in' or open a new record, the patient will automatically be marked as active in Cubex.

The patient details will appear on the Cubex cabinet and dashboard.

2. Ordering medication

All the medication that you add to the SOAP will be sent to Cubex in real-time. The items and their ordered quantities will be visible under each patient file. You'll be able to select the items you'd like to dispense from the list.

3. Retrieve items from the compartment

Remove the item from the double-locked compartment and dispense the indicated quantity. For medications, this means removing the vial or bottle, drawing up the indicated amount via a syringe, or dispensing the proper number of pills.

Repeat the steps above if there are additional items to dispense.

4. Complete the transaction and check-out

After all medications are dispensed, return to the home screen on Cubex to log out. When the invoice is marked as Closed in Digitail, the patient will also become inactive in Cubex.

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