All client notifications, reminders, and communication are centralized in one place!

The Notifications page displays all the client communications sent or logged through Digitail. They can be filtered by the following types:

  1. Reminders (appointments, product administrations, recommended visits)

  2. Notifications (welcome email & text, appointment confirmations or changes)

  3. Direct messages (direct emails & texts, invoices, client statements, medical summaries, etc.)

The page includes different searches and filters, such as client name, email or phone number, channel (email, text, phone call, or other logged interaction), type (reminder, notification, direct), date range, and status (delivered, opened, clicked, not opened, not delivered, etc.).

The list displays the date/time when the message was sent or logged, the client and the patient(s) associated (if any), the message, and more details regarding the channel, type, and status.

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