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Coupon and Rebate automation with Greenline
Coupon and Rebate automation with Greenline

Automate coupon and rebate submissions with Greenline.

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Increase compliance and adherence with Greenline – the industry leader and preferred platform for easing clinic workload related to coupon and rebate redemption.

The Greenline - Digitail integration helps automate manufacturer coupons and rebate processing.

Set up

If you don't have an account with Greenline yet, please check with your manufacturer reps if you are eligible and follow that manufacturer's enrollment process.

The Greenline Client Experience team will then schedule a call with the clinic to install everything and train the staff members to use the system.

To get started with the PIMS integration, go to the Integrations tab in Digitail and click on 'Connect' under the Greenline logo.

Greenline will receive your request and ensure all the Digitail products are linked to the correct coupons and rebates.

From the Greenline dashboard, you can view all the available promotions and decide which ones you want to make available to your clients. You can review and update them at any time.

In Digitail, you'll need to create discounts based on the coupons you have available.


All the transactions done in Digitail will automatically sync with Greenline, including invoices, products, and discounts. In the Greenline Dashboard, you'll be able to see which transactions are eligible for coupons and rebates.


To get started or for set up and other technical questions, the Greenline Support team is available Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm CST at 866-608-9038, or via email


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