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Access CareCredit Payments in Digitail
Access CareCredit Payments in Digitail

Charge with CareCredit directly from Digitail.

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CareCredit is making pet healthcare financing easy! If you already use CareCredit, you can directly go to the Integrations page to set it up! Make sure you have your merchant number ready.

To finalize the setup, simply input the keys and click save. If you don't have your key number or if you don't have a CareCredit account yet, please reach out to your CareCredit account manager.

Once the setup is complete, you can start processing transactions immediately!

On the Billing section, you will see a new CareCredit icon from where you can directly process a payment or apply for an account in case the client doesn't have one yet.

All the client information (name, contact details) will be prefilled with the information available in Digitail, but they can be changed if needed.

To finalize the application process, you can either send it to the client's phone for final approval or follow the steps directly on the screen of your computer.

The approval or decline of the application is instant, and you will be able to see the result in the last step.

If the application is approved or the client already has an active account, you can start processing the payment directly. The sum of the invoice will be automatically prefilled, and you can finalize the process in a few clicks.

Once the transaction is approved, you will see it in Digitail, in the Billing section, and in the Payments report. From there, you can also filter and review all 'CareCredit' transactions.

You can also refund (process a credit) for any transaction.

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