Set roles and permissions
Learn how to set roles and permissions for your team.
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A role is a collection of permissions defined for the whole system that you can assign to specific users. The combination of permissions defines a specific user's ability to do something in Digitail.

How to add a role?

Click on the top right corner and go to Users. Press on the Roles & Permissions tab and click on the (+) Add New.

  1. Give the role a name e.g. 'Reception' or 'Technician'

  2. Set permissions for the role.

You can allow or limit access to an entire section by switching the button on the top.

You can also choose individual permissions to be available or not by checking the box beside it.

After finishing setting up the role, press the Save button and you're ready to go.

How to edit an existing role?

You can edit a role by pressing the edit button.

How to delete an existing role?

You can delete a role by pressing the delete button.

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