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How can my clients access the app?
How can my clients access the app?
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If they are your clients it means they already have a profile in your Patients Database.

All they need to do is to use the email you registered them with and the password generated (they received an email with their account details when you added them to the system).

If they can't find the email or don’t remember the password, no worries, they can simply reset it and choose a new password!

Do the imported clients have an account already?

Yes! All the clients in your Patients Database have an account for Digitail App. If you used the import function to add them, they need to reset their password using the email address that you have written in the system.

Some of my clients in the database don’t have an email address. Can they still access the app?

In order to access the app, they need a valid email address. You can edit their profile in the Patients Database and add their email. After this, they can log in using that email and set their password using the reset function.

How to reset the password?

If your clients don’t remember their password or they can’t find the initial email that was sent when you created their pet’s profile, just click on Reset Password in the Online Appointment Page.

How can I track if clients managed to download the app?

You can go to Statistics and check clients with the App, or you can directly go to chat and see how many clients you have there.

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