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Connect with pet parents via the Digitail app
Connect with pet parents via the Digitail app

New clients can easily join your clinic by scanning your unique QR/clinic link.

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There are 2 ways in which clients can connect with your practice.

Scanning the QR

Pet parents can simply scan the QR code using a QR scan dedicated app or the smart phone camera to establish a connection with the clinic through our free pet parent app.

You can find your unique QR here and you can either print it and display it in your practice or directly show it from a screen.

Tapping on the clinic link

Maybe you are opening up a new practice or running a new promotion campaign. Sometimes it's easier to just include a link instead of a QR code.

You can find your unique clinic link here and you can copy and paste it to fit your purpose.

The clinic link is also available in Administration - Clinic profile .


What happens after scanning/clicking on the link?

Users that don't have the app are directed to the app/play stores where they will be able to download and install the app. After onboarding, the pet parent will see you clinic profile and and can connect with your clinic.

For users that already have the app , the app will open and your clinic profile will appear.

📌Existing clinic clients will need to log in using the email that's on file with your clinic. By doing this they will be able to see their pet profiles, records and invoices in the app.

📌Your online scheduler will appear if the clinic link is opened from a desktop device.

📌All new patient requests will be visible here.

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