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How can new clients connect with me?
How can new clients connect with me?
New clients can easily join your clinic by scanning your nametag.
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There are 2 ways in which new clients can connect with your practice.

Scanning your nametag

For this option, your clients need to have the app already installed. You can find your unique Nametag here and you can either print it and display it in your practice or directly show it from the screen.

Your nametag will look something like this (with your logo and name) πŸ‘‡

Ask your clients to open the app and go to Account β†’ Explore Providers β†’Scan Nametag

Once the scan is complete, they will see your clinic's name and logo and can even check the full clinic's profile. They can select which animals to connect with your practice (in case they have multiples). Once confirmed, they will see their request as Pending until you accept.

You will get all new requests here from where you can confirm them.

Opening your online booking system link on their phone

If they have the app already installed, clicking on the link will redirect them to your clinic's profile in the app. From there, they can connect with you or request an appointment directly.

If they don't have the app installed, then they will be redirected to the Store first. After downloading the app, they can access the link again and will be redirected to your profile.

πŸ“Œ Go to Administration - Clinic profile to find your online appointments system link.

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