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You can access the new Notification Center from the top right of the screen.

A red badge with the number of unread notifications will be displayed there.

πŸ“Œ Clicking on the notification marks it as 'read' so you won't see the red badge anymore. The counter displays only the unread notifications.

πŸ“Œ If you are on a multi-clinic setup, the notifications displayed are only from the location that you are logged in at the moment.

My Notifications

This tab displays all the notifications related to your user. They are grouped into two categories, based on their importance.

'Needs your attention' notifications include new appointment requests and reschedules, new comments added on records, appointments or tasks, new lab results, or new tasks assigned to you.

'Rest of notifications' include appointment cancelations and no-shows, new events added or updated, stock running low, etc.

All notifications

This tab displays all the notifications related to the clinic, such as newly added appointments or tasks, new comments on records, and new events or updates, but related to other users in the clinic.

Archived notifications

This tab displays all the notifications that were archived, either one by one, either by using the 'Archive all' button from the top of the Notification Center. This option helps you get rid of the notifications that you've already read or are no longer relevant, so you can focus only on the important things.

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