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Create and share an invoice
Create and share an invoice

Automatically create invoices for your clients.

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Next to the total amount, you will see the Generate invoice button. With one click, the client invoice is generated.

For each invoice, you can choose the date and set some advanced options for hiding the price of the items and / or the total.

Sharing invoices

You can share automatically the invoices with the clients in the app (we'll set this up for you during the onboarding phase).
If you want to send it via Email you can directly do that from Patient's Records (once an invoice is generated you will see a paper icon)

You can also share an invoice from the NEW Health Card by going to Invoices section on the client's card.

Sharing invoices together with a payment link

If you are integrated with Stripe or Vetpay, sending the invoice with a payment link is possible just by ticking the "Include payment link button" checkbox.
The checkbox is visible after clicking on the "Send via email" button in "Invoice preview" mode.

Invoice design

This is what the standard invoice looks like πŸ‘‡

You can customise the following things:

  • display / hide the Cashier;

  • display / hide the Provider for each service or product;

  • display / hide the Unit price of services or products;

Do you want to generate a single invoice for multiple patients or for multiple visits of the same patient?

Check out this article explaining how to generate a consolidated invoice πŸ‘‰

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