How to adjust prices for all batches of a product?

You can update the price for all the batches in your stock directly. From Inventory → Stock, click on the 'coins' icon and add the new price.

From the same screen, you can also update the dispensing fee for all the batches of the product.

How to adjust prices for one batch of a product?

Similarly, with updating the price of all batches, you can choose to only update the price (or dispensing fee) for one specific batch. Just click on the arrow from the first column to see all the batches of the product, and click on the 'coins' icon from the row you want to update. This action will open a popup that will display the current price and dispensing fee, so you just need to write the new prices and click 'Save'.

📌 The new prices will take effect immediately but won't affect the products already sold.

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