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Manage your schedule easier with events.

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Better organization of your schedule with Events! From the Calendar, you can create and manage events while checking capacity and available slots.

Create and Manage Events

Click on + Add to calendar to create a new event:

You can leave the address field empty in case the event takes place at the practice's location or you can set a specific address for an event that takes place outside the hospital. If you are a mobile practice that has specific days for certain locations, then you can create an event with the designated location for each day.

Events can be capacity-based (a specific number of available slots/appointments) or scheduled-based (the clinic's schedule from that day will be taken into consideration).

There are different views for the Calendar. From the filters, you can group the appointment by Events and select the Events you want to see.

πŸ“Œ If you are on a multi-clinic setup, you can view Events from multiple locations at the same time.

In the Day view, you'll be able to see all the appointments scheduled for the events available. You can also display/hide appointments that don't have an event associated.

In the Week view, you can see all the Events based on the selected filters.

In the Month view, you can see at a glance all the Events.

To edit or delete an Event, simply click on the card.

Schedule Appointments under Events

If there is an event on the selected day of the appointment, then a new dropdown field will be displayed on the Add appointment form. Based on the event associated, only the services available for that event will be displayed.

An appointment can be moved from one event to another by dragging and dropping or by editing the appointment directly. This is also available for removing the appointment from an event.

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