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2-way chat for quick client communication

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Digitail offers a native, 2-way chat, directly in the platform. We want to help you provide the best experience for your clients, even when they are at home.

You can use the chat for triage, after-hours advice, follow-ups, or general information.

Start a New Conversation

In the Contacts tab, you can see which users are available to chat (only the clients that have the Digitail app downloaded can use the chat). From there, you can start a new conversation with the client. They will get your message instantly on their phone and will also be notified through push notifications.

You'll see a chat icon next to the client name in different parts of the platform (Flowboard, Calendar, Health Card) so you can quickly start a new conversation with them from there as well.

View Conversations

The Conversations tab displays all chats, grouped by status.

New Conversations

When a client writes something to you, the conversation will automatically be marked as New. You can see at a glance a preview of the last message, the date & hour, and the number of unread messages.

In Progress

When you start sending a message in a conversation, the status will automatically change to In progress.

You can also manually change the status of a conversation, by clicking on the status from the top right.


Once you are ready to close the conversation, simply change the status from the top right. If the client writes something back immediately or if you send a new message, the status won't change, but if the client writes something new after more than 2 hours, the conversation status will change to New.

Client / Patient Information

When you are chatting with your clients, you can see at a glance the most important information about them and their pets. On the right side, there are 4 tabs: Client, Patient, Appointments (coming soon), and Records (coming soon).

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