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Enable multiple Chat users
Enable multiple Chat users

Learn how to set up different chat users

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After your chat is active, a default user is automatically created. This user displays the name and the logo of the clinic and it can be used by anybody in the clinic - this means that all messages sent to clients appear to be sent by the clinic, and not by a specific staff member.

Setting up unique chat users

First, check with your account manager if this feature is included in your subscription.

To enable a specific user to have a unique chat user, simply go to Users → Edit User and check the box. To remove a chat user, uncheck the box.

If your user also has a unique chat user enabled, you can change the user that replies to the client directly from the conversation. The default option will be your unique user, but you can switch back to the clinic's default user for some general messages.

📌 Multiple colleagues from the clinic can reply using the clinic user at the same time.

📌Activating this feature will unlock the assignee feature which will complement your multiuser chat one nicely. Check this article for more information.

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