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Assign users to Chat conversations
Assign users to Chat conversations

Organize and respond faster to client conversations.

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Respond to clients faster by assigning the conversation to the right team member! From follow-ups to medication refills, pick up, and drop off, we know clients have many questions, and you deal with a lot of back and forth!

Assigning conversations

  • Assign it to yourself (in 1 click!)

  • Assign it to a colleague or multiple colleagues

  • Remove assignees by clicking the edit icon in the top right corner of the chat screen and then clicking the "x" on the name label


You can easily see all your conversations, filter them by assignees or see the ones that are unassigned yet.

Simply click on the filter icon in the Conversations/Contacts column (left side of the Chat screen), check the filters you need, and then close the filters.

If multiple colleagues are selected, you can easily remove all the filters by clicking the "clear all" button. This means that all conversations will be displayed.

To take advantage of the assignee(s) feature, make sure you have enabled individual Chat users. Visit this article for more information πŸ‘‰

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