You can add Custom Events directly in your Calendar so you can easily keep track of different tasks, to-dos, or client follow-ups.

For each custom event, you can add a title, notes, time frame, staff member, room/kennel, and also link a specific client and pet - useful for follow-ups and other client communication.

Only the title (this will be displayed directly on the calendar), time frame, and staff member and are mandatory.

Depending on the case, you might want that task to block off time in your calendar so you don't receive booking requests during that time frame. You can easily do that by checking the "Not available for appointments" option.

You can use this function for:

  • to-dos ✅

  • personal reminders 🕐

  • client follow-ups ☎️

  • ... anything that's not a patient appointment but still occupies time in your day!

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