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Create your database of products
Create your database of products

Manage your products easily.

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Creating your database of products will provide numerous benefits in various areas, from better inventory management to automatization.

How to add products to your database?

There are multiple ways of adding products to your database.

  • Adding a product directly to the database

  • Adding a product when adding new inventory

  • Importing a list of products

Creating products directly in the database:

  1. Go to Inventory - Directory - Products and click on (+) Create Product

  2. Fill in the mandatory information about the product

When defining a product you will need to fill in two sections:

General Information:

  • Name:

  • Barcode No. / SKU (Optional): You can add here the product's barcode. You'll be able to search and use the product just by scanning it.

  • Category: Choose from the drop-down menu the correct category. This is important because you can generate reports according to these categories and some products, depending on the category it can be visible on the health-card as well as in templates and forms

  • Producer: Choose from the drop-down menu the producers from your database. You can add new producers just by going to Inventory - Directory - Producers


Digitail has a feature that gives you the possibility to use a product by two measurement units.

Example: If you have a 10 mL vial , you can sell or use the product as a vial or per milliliter.

  • Unit: Main unit of the product

  • Size / Quantity: Input here how many Subunits are in a Unit

  • Subunit: The second unit of the product

Example 1: If you have a product that is a VIAL of 10 mL, the Unit is the "VIAL", the size is "10" and the Subunit is "mL".

Example 2: If you have a pack of 50 vaccines. And you buy a pack but you use only one dose at a time, the unit is the Pack, the subUnit is dose and the formula 50.

  • Tax: Choose from the drop-down menu the corresponding option

  • Dispensing Method (Optional): You can type how the product is dispensed

  • Active Substances (Optional): Type the active substances that the product has

  • Recommended Unit Price (Optional): This will show up when adding inventory and when creating a service with products. Helps you understand and calculate the final cost.

  • Usage (Optional):

  • Directions (Optional): This will appear on the printable label of the product.

  • Recommendations (Optional): When using the product on a SOAP or a Record the Recommendations field from the Summary will populate with the information typed here.

After filling in all mandatory information, scroll down and click on the Save button.

Creating a product when adding new inventory

When adding new products to your stock, if you don't have those products in your database yet, you can create them from scratch and add them on the spot.

Learn how to do that by reading this article -> Adding products in stock

Importing a list of products

You can add an entire list of products in Digitail with one click. You can download our template, fill it in, and upload it back in Digitail.

Learn how to do that by reading this article → Import products from the previous database

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