Hitting the road as a mobile practice has unique needs. Digitail understands these needs on a deeper level and offers many solutions to the common workflow pain points that you may be experiencing.

These will all be covered in greater detail during your onboarding, but here is a high-level overview of our top tips to make your mobile practice stand out!

Patients & visits flow


Admin & management

Stock managementLegal & accounting

📅 Appointment

Mobile care is highly personalized! The need to remain visible for clients to schedule appointments and for the mobile practice to obtain full/accurate information has never been more important.

📌 Receive appointment requests from multiple online platforms (website, Facebook & Google Maps), while having complete control and flexibility over your calendar.

📌 Know everything you need to know about your bookings, clients, and patients so you can easily review appointment requests and decide whether to confirm, reschedule or cancel them. We'll make sure you'll always have the address and other contact information handy!

📌 Keep your calendar updated and receive appointments only when you want by blocking off time in your calendar.

Pet parents expect the maximum level of convenience from their mobile vets so we want to help you to offer them exactly that!

📄 Pre-visit

Make sure that your clients know what to expect and how to prepare for your visit.

📌 Keep your clients informed by keeping your profile up to date with your contact details, services you offer, and availabilities.

📌 Share pre-visit instructions through the integrated 2-way chat.

📌 Remind clients about upcoming visits with automated reminders, sent at the right time and on the right channels (email, SMS or push notifications).

📌 Obtain a payment deposit via an online payment link that you can send to your clients in advance.

Lack of preparation and poor communication = time wasted & lost revenue! The inconvenience of time lost for travel as well as being tardy to the next appointment can be damaging to your business and to the client relationship.

😻 Visit

Are you sitting in your vehicle after a visit to complete your medical records? Saving time is essential when you are a mobile veterinarian. Predefined SOAP templates with automated recommendations and post-visit instructions can give you that time back.

📌 Save time and keep your records consistent and professional with predefined protocols, diagnoses, lab references, pre-written recommendations, and signatures.

📌 Customize your records with predefined fields and values using SOAP templates that will populate your medical records based on each case.

📌 Type with no typing with dictation (voice-to-text) integrations.

📌 Order lab tests directly from the patient's record - we offer all major lab integrations.

Did you know that inefficient workflows is where most practices have the greatest opportunity for improvement?

💲 Billing

Are you faced with billing challenges while at the residence? No paper to print invoices, clients hoovering over you while entering services, or perhaps in a rush to get to the next appointment because it's an hour away?

📌 Set up client discounts that will automatically be applied on invoices or quickly add new item or general discounts on the go.

📌 Record new payments instantly or keep track of split payments.

📌 With an all-in-one system, your invoices are generated automatically every time.

📌 Receive payments in advance via integrated payment solutions.

Delivering the best clinical experience doesn't have to happen in a typical brick & mortar setting. A client that is actively engaged and feels the relationship to be transparent, has a greater appreciation and perceived value for your services. This can define whether or not they will be a returning client. We want to help you build loyal clients who will recommend you to others!

📁 Post-visit

How are you staying bonded with your clients if they don't have the ability to physically drive-by your office? Having the means to be able to give ongoing advice and education allows you to remain on their minds. Their feedback about how professional you were at their home can be fundamental for referrals!

📌 Don't let clients leave without the next appointment with direct scheduling from the record.

📌 Preview and share directly with your clients the records' summaries.

P.S. You can also opt in to automatically share the summary in the Pet Portal app.

📌 Easily share case details with other vets from Digitail.

📌 Certificates are generated automatically and shared with the client via the app.

📌 Never forget about client follow-ups with personal reminders that you can add directly to your calendar.

📌 Follow-up with clients using the 2-way chat or video consultations.

Offer the most convinient experience to your clients with Digitail!

💊 Stock management

Being on the road, we understand how difficult it can be to manage stock and maintain inventory.

📌 Keep your stock accurate with real-time updates when you sell products or add new ones.

📌 Create shopping lists in advance and place your orders with a few clicks.

📌 Shop all suppliers at once with Vetcove directly integrated into your inventory.

📌 Get alerts when your stock is running low or products are about to expire.

Automated inventory management will not only save you time, but it also decreases the chances of human error!

📈 Legal & accounting

After a long day in the car, are you now going home and sitting down to reconcile your financials? This time could be better utilized elsewhere!

📌 Record usage of special drugs automatically with electronic DEA logs.

📌 Keep your accounting in order with Quickbooks integration.

📌 Add new users in Digitail for your accounting team so they access all the reports they need in real-time!

Streamline business processes so you can focus on patient and client care!

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