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Getting started with Digitail
The Digitail Guide for Brick-and-Mortar
The Digitail Guide for Brick-and-Mortar

Discover the tools you need for your brick-and-mortar practice.

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We prepared this 40 min guide for you to get things started!

Everything you need to know from Check in to Check out patients together with Set Up Preferences.

Patients & visits flow

Admin & management

📱How can clients connect with me? (3 min)

📌 Take advantage of Digitail mobile app to increase your revenue, save time and increase your popularity rating

📌 New clients can easily join your clinic by scanning your name tag.

📌 See how clients can easily request appointments by using the mobile app

📅 Appointments (6 min)

Enable a 24/7 online booking system that will help your clients' requests land directly on your calendar from multiple channels at the same time - but also gives you control to accept or decline them.

📌 Make sure you set up your schedule before accepting appointments

📌 Receive appointment requests from multiple online platforms:

📌 You want to know more about your bookings, clients, and patients? You can easily review appointment requests and decide whether to confirm, reschedule or cancel them.

📌 Directly add appointments in your calendar for existing clients.

Use Add Quick Appointment button for non existing clients.

📌 You want to block off time in your calendar for a break, for an emergency, or another type of scheduled event?

Studies show most millennials would rather book appointments online than over the phone and more people are also increasingly finding businesses via social media, as opposed to 'traditional' web searches. Digitail helps you be where your clients are!

📄 Pre-visit (8 min)

📌 Make sure your profile is up to date and clients are informed about:

📌 Share pre-visit instructions through the integrated 2-way chat or even schedule a telemedicine appointment before the visit.

📌 Remind clients about upcoming visits with automated reminders, sent at the right time and on the right channels (email, SMS or push notifications).

📌 Obtain a payment deposit via an online payment link that you can send to your clients in advance.

😻 Visit (20 min)

Create a record in under 5 minutes using SOAP templates, predefined fields, shortcuts, and voice-to-text functionalities. Forget about staying after hours to fill out records - everything is designed so you can complete records in real-time, from any device.

📌 Is there any document that needs to be signed at the front desk?

📌 Clients can now be informed about prices prior to clinical examination by creating estimates

📌 How to save time and keep your records consistent and professional?

📌 Customise your records with predefined fields and values using SOAP templates that will populate your medical records based on each case.

📌 Type with no typing with dictation (voice-to-text) integrations.

📌 Take advantage of Snippets and forget about typing too much

📌 Order lab tests directly from the patient's record - we offer all major lab integrations:

📌 Increase internal communication and make sure nothing is missed

If you feel that time just gets away from you while examining patients and you need to rush into the next room or you find it difficult to complete medical records at the same time, we can definitely help you gain control over your time!

💲 Billing

Have you ever wondered how to extend the client experience through the reception desk? Minimise the time your clients need to wait to check out while making sure no charge is missed!

📌 Set up client discounts that will automatically be applied on invoices

📌 Record new payments instantly or keep track of split payments.

📌 With an all-in-one system, your invoices are generated automatically every time.

📌 Generate consolidated invoices for a faster check-out.

📌 Receive payments online via integrated payment solutions:

You can deliver the best clinical experience possible, but a client who has to wait to check out is often left with a bad feeling. This can define whether or not they will be a returning client. We want to help you build loyal clients who will recommend you to others!

💳 Sell Products (1 min)

📁 Post-visit (5 min)

Staying connected for ongoing advice and education is one way for your clients to continue that positive experience.

📌 Don't let clients leave without the next appointment with direct scheduling from the record.

📌 Preview and share directly with your clients the records' summaries.

P.S. You can also opt in to automatically share the summary in the Pet Portal app.

📌 Easily share case details with other vets from Digitail.

📌 Certificates are generated automatically and shared with the client via the app.

📌 Never forget about client follow-ups with personal reminders that you can add directly to your calendar.

📌 Follow-up with clients using the 2-way chat or video consultations.

Pet parents are more and more demanding, high-paced, super connected, and expect ultra-convenience in everything they do. We understand this and we are here to help you keep up.

💊 Stock management (5 min)

How much time are you currently spending on manual stock management? Automated inventory management will not only save you time but also decreases the chances of human error!

📌 Keep your stock accurate with real-time updates when you sell products or add new ones.

📌 Create your own database of products.

📌 Import products from a previous database

📌 Create shopping lists in advance and place your orders with a few clicks.

📌 Shop all suppliers at once with Vetcove directly integrated into your inventory.

📌 Get alerts when your stock is running low or products are about to expire.

📈 Legal & accounting (4 min)

Are you staying after hours to manage the finances? Minimise the time you spend on admin tasks while keeping everything in order!

📌 Record usage of special drugs automatically with electronic DEA logs

📌 Keep your accounting in order with Quickbooks integration.

📌 Add new users in Digitail for your accounting team so they access all the reports they need in real-time!

Streamline business processes with Digitail so you can focus on patient and client care!

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